Quick Tips For New AFL Bettors

AFL or the Australian Football League is Australia‚Äôs premier football league and Australia’s biggest sport overall. If you are a fan of the AFL, there is very little more exciting than placing a bet on your favourite team as well. Below, we will go over some of the key things that any new bettor should know when betting on the AFL.

What To Know

When starting out in football betting, there is a few key elements that anybody should know and look out for, no matter the match.

  • Game knowledge – As in any sports betting, game knowledge is vital. Understanding the exact rules and any potential changes to them will go a long way to your betting success. Watch as many matches as you can to get a feel for the progression of the game, understanding why and how players implement strategy will be key when attempting to predict match outcomes
  • Team knowledge – How a teams preforms under any given circumstances will be great knowledge to have when making your bets. A great indicator for team’s performance will be the history. Be sure to check how a team has been preforming not only recently but in similar events over the past few years. Football players tend to be relatively consistent in performance, making history a great research point for all of your potential bets.
  • News – News on any ongoing events in football is more accessible than ever. Most AFL teams have their own websites, like that of the West Coast Eagles. Any updates on injuries or player standing will generally be published to a team’s own website before anywhere else. Provided you have some time to research, there is a wealth of information available for free.

Types of AFL Bets

Once you have the information you need to place a well-informed bet, the next task will be learning about the bets available to you. Below are some of the more frequently used bets in AFL betting.

  • Head to head – The most simple and frequently used type of bet in the https://bettingonline.nz/afl/. Head to head betting will have you place a wager on which of the teams you believe will win a given match, it’s that simple. It’s worth noting that odds will play a large role in this nature of betting, as no two teams are ever truly equal.
  • Line Betting – Similar to head to head, but with a simple twist. There will a set score difference between two teams, think of it as one of the teams having a certain amount of point head start. For the favourite team to be the winning bet, they would need to win the match by more than the set difference.
  • Over/under – an over/under bet is not placed on which team will win a match, but how many points will be scored in the match. A sportsbook will set a number of points as a baseline, you will then place a wager predicting if more or less points will be scored.

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