How Online Slots Are Influenced By Pop Culture

Slot Machines are plentiful, and their themes are almost infinite. So, what can Online Casinos do to make their particular Slots attractive? One of the most obvious and successful ways is to draw inspiration from pop culture.

Slots aren’t the only ones to do this, another type of game that draws inspiration from pop culture in a big way is trading cards. Whilst trading cards all function on the same logic, the imagery, branding and information is aligned to a sport, show or game. A football trading card game and a Pokémon trading card game will have a completely different fanbase, despite the base logic being identical. So where do Slot Machines draw their influences, and what themes will attract what people?

Choosing a Theme

While inspiration can be drawn from almost anywhere, it’s easier to produce a good Slot Machine around a concept that has some kind of lore or story surrounding it.

You might be a big fan of the popular new wave band Talking Heads, but how would a Slot Machine represent anything relevant to the topic through the game? Rather, designers look at references such as popular TV shows, Films and other visual media from which they can draw relevant imagery.

If we were to use the lord of the rings for example – rings could signify luck and chance, while men, elves and orcs could represent good and bad respectively. They could then use this imagery to create logical outcomes.

Why Current Themes Matter

If someone is in love with a particular series or film, they’re more likely to engage with content that feeds their obsession. George Lucas knew this and opted to give up a large share of his profits from the theatres whilst choosing to retain a large share of profits from any merchandise made after the film.

This turned out to be a clever gamble and made him a huge fortune. The producers and distributors, knowing how much they could make from the franchise, put incredible sums of money into marketing and therefore sold a huge amount of merchandise.

Mr. Lucas became a wealthy man overnight. Conversely, third parties using branding associated with a current show or film series stand to make a large amount of money through the advertising done by film and television distribution companies while also tapping into a large, specific target market.

The Hidden Benefits

So, it stands to reason that the first to monetise a currently-themed Slot Machine will make the most money. This benefits players as there’s always fierce competition between Online Slots to develop the best, most current Slots games – leaving the consumer with a wide variety of options, whatever your mood or current interests. If you’re wondering where to start, stop and think about what media you’ve been enjoying recently. Your knowledge of the meanings behind the different imagery used in the Slots will give you a huge advantage over other players as you’ll be able to play the game more intuitively.

Search for a theme you know well, and you could start winning big today!

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