A Beginners Guide To Golf Betting

The number of different bets that one can explore in golf betting is expansive. Before jumping into the betting though, it is generally worth knowing the most basic, common, and popular bets, and what they entail.

The Win Bet

Also known as the “moneyline” or “odds to win” bet, along with various other names, this is generally the most common and popular type of bet in golf betting, and most other sports betting. It is a straightforward bet on a player winning a tournament or an event, upon which the sports book oddsmaker will have assigned certain odds. Usually, these odds will be set according to the favourites and the underdogs, and analysts predictions of how they are expected to fair. Any player that has not had odds assigned to them will usually be added to “the field” group with its own overall odds.

The Versus The Field Bet

Many sport books will also give the option of betting in favour of anyone in “the field”, or in some cases, anyone except the leading players, to win. This is a risky bet as it relies on an “upset” or something unpredicted happening but can nevertheless potentially yield a hefty payout.

The Head To Head Bet

The next most common and popular type of bet is the “head to head” bet, also known in https://onlinebettingoffers.biz/golf/ betting as the “golfer matchup” bet. This pitches two or more players in a head to head matchup, upon which the oddsmaker will assign odds according to favourites and underdogs. Bettors can then bet on who will win in points, or ranking, etc.

The more players included in the head to head bet, the more it generally increases the payout, due to having to beat more opponents in the matchup pool.

The Future Bet

The future bet is also a common type of bet, and is wagered on an event that will happen at some point in the future. The oddsmaker, depending on how far into the future it may be, will usually have created set odds for the events and players, and the bettor can place wagers on how they think it will play out, e.g. who will win, or a variety of other aspects to the game.

The Prop Bet

The prop bet, short for “proposition” bet, is special side bet made on some or other aspect of the player, or tournament, that doesn’t affect the final outcome. This can be an aspect of the player’s stats, such as their performance or score, etc. These are often quite risky bets, however, and, according to the given odds, should be approached with caution.

Dead Heat Rules

It is worth mentioning that, across the many types of bets, there are special conditions, usually known as “dead heat rules”, that come into play in the event of a tie.

These rules can differ according to sports books, and the different bets, though most often it results in bettors receiving half their bet in payout. It is worth checking this on your sports book website though, just to be sure.

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