Online Blackjack Guide for Casino Players

Blackjack, also known as twenty ones, is a popular game in Australian casinos. Simply, the player calls for cards, with the goal being that the value of the two cards combined should be as close to twenty one as possible, without going over. If the number is higher, the player is bust, and loses. Note that picture cards, or royal cards, jack queen king, count as ten, and that ace may be played as either one or eleven.

The combination of a picture card and an ace is a highly desirably hand. Take note that with these rules considered that any two cards alone will not equals more then twenty one, and that as many as five cards or more may not equal as much as twenty one. The trick, therefore, is to stop calling for cards as close to twenty one as possible. The house, or casino, will then try to get closer to twenty one, and beat the player. The house advantage in this case is that the house blackjack, picture card and ace, is always worth more then the player blackjack.

Playing Online Blackjack

Australian players may get access to online blackjack via mobile phones, laptops or tablets. These online versions may be played for free, or for real money, and follow all the same rules. In order to play, simply look for an application that is compatible with your mobile device, or play on your desktop computer. Access is easy, and you may be playing in just seconds of time. Most online casinos require the player make an account, but free online casinos allow hours of play for no money at all. The choice is up to the player and what they are looking for.

Real World Versus Online Blackjack

The house, when engaging, is generally played by a program, which is designed to have no unfair advantages. Some players, however, insist that there is no substitute for a real person where the house is concerned. Some also insist that the ambience of a real casino is half the fun, and such an experience cannot be had with a digital version. Others, however, would far prefer to not have to leave the comfort of their own home, and are happy to play on their mobile device. Whichever you prefer, blackjack is available online and is being played by thousands of people on a daily basis.

Special Features of Online Blackjack

One of the things that makes online casinos unique is that they tend to offer amazing bonuses and special features. There is a huge amount of free giveaways at almost every online casino, and a savvy player may take advantage of these bonuses to avoid ever having to spend real money. Some online casinos even change or tweak the rules of classic games, such as blackjack, to create an entirely new version of the game. These unique options are much of what draws players to online casinos. If you prefer classic blackjack, however, that is certainly available, and the online scene is ever more popular, with leagues, tournaments and championships drawing thousands on a regular basis.

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