An Extensive Guide Which Covers Online Keno Rules and how to Play it

Australian Keno OnlineĀ is a simple, straightforward game, available at most real world and virtual casinos, including Australia. In essence, it is similar to playing the lotto, but with much higher chances of winning and a variety of advanced and bonus betting options offered.

The first thing to understand, when learning how to play Keno, is that regardless of which numbers you bet on, and which bonus options you choose to play, the amount of numbers to choose from are always the same. There are, by default, ten rows and eight columns; eighty numbers in total.

Once your bets are placed, twenty numbers are selected at random, and if your numbers show up, you win. Be sure to keep in mind that a certain amount of numbers may have to be hit before a payout is made, depending on which game is offered.

Different Options for Different Casinos

Like different wagering options, there is a wide variety of betting options to choose from, depending on the casino and type of Keno being played. You may win, for example, if only one of your numbers shows up, in some special games offered, or not until at least six to eight of them do.

You may be allowed to bet on twenty numbers, but be limited to a small bet, and win only a relatively small amount if the numbers show up. Or, you may only be allowed to bet on one single number, referred to as the king number, but win big if it is hit. It all depends on the casino and rules being applied. The important thing to remember, however, when learning how to play Keno, is that the more of your numbers show up, the better.

Group Bets and Combo Bets

It is possible to make combination bets on a single Keno card, allowing for multiple different angles by which to win. When learning how to play Keno initially, it may be best to stick to the basics, and avoid these confusing variations. You may, for example, select three numbers and place a bet on this group alone, then select another separate three numbers and place a different bet on those. Then, to round off the card, place a separate bet on if all six numbers are hit together. This creates a situation where there are three different ways in which to win. If, of course, you hit all your bets simultaneously, the payout can be massive.

Quick Picks and Online Keno

In the modern world, most Keno is digital, offered online atĀ or via digital screens in real world casinos. Playing with a digital touch screen is the easiest option, allowing for very quick and seamless betting, with a lightening fast turn around between games. It is simply a matter of touching the numbers you want, setting a wager, and seeing the results. Be sure to confirm your bets before marking yourself as ready, however, as such fast digital games mean that a mistake is quickly finalised and often impossible to reverse. These are all the basic rules for Australians learning how to play Keno. More advanced statistics, odds and strategies are available at multiple websites.

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