Free Slot Games Introduced to Casino Players Online

Pokies, or slot machines, are well known to Australians, and there are an enormous variety offered. From those that stick to the basic rules created for the very first mechanical machines, to those that tweak the rules, add rules, and do any number of things to keep the game fresh. From themes that feature popular movies and cartoons, to those that are animated for maximum entertainment value. Whatever you prefer, there is a version out there, and now, available to play completely for free via your digital device.

Betting on Free Slot Games

In the old days pokies, or slot machines, were played by inserting a coin into the machine. One coin equalled one spin, and if the icons did not line up the coin was lost. Later, as the game developed, the rules were changed, and more icons shown per spin. This meant that a line of matching icons was possible via vertical and diagonal lines, meaning more chances of a win. In order to unlock these winning options, however, more coins needed to be inserted, meaning a bigger risk per spin. How much a spin costs today varies depending on the game, and how much a winning series of icons pays out is likewise dependent. Either way, the rules of pokies always remain the same. Free slot games, however, are normally played with a virtual, or pretend currency, meaning that the player need never insert any coins at all.

Pokies Pay Outs

It is traditional that some series of icons are worth more then others, and in the original machines three cherries was the biggest win. What the equivalent of cherries is these days varies, and may be anything from a film character to pop music star. You may also not need to get the exact same icons for a win, and two cherries or even one cherry may pay out something. If playing free slot games, these basic rules will still apply. Be sure to check which icons are valued as the cherries before playing, with this information generally shown to the player in easy to understand terms.

Free Slot Games

Pokies can now be played for free online, and can be accessed in seconds. No money will ever need be spent, although many versions may encourage players to spend money at some point or another. Keep in mind, however, that there are version that exclude money altogether, without the annoyance of reminders constantly trying to get the player to spend. If the online pokies machine is not what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to simply move on and find a version that is more to your preference.

Finding New Experiences

With such flexibility in the digital world, there are numerous free slot machines available, and many have changed or been tweaked in interesting ways. The rules of pokies have been bent and twisted in many versions, offering an interesting new take on the classic game. Look around, explore, test out the best casino, and you may find a variation that is perfect for you. Simply explore, and don’t be afraid to break away from what you already know.

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