How To Set Up Smart Lighting At Home

Smart lighting is one of the best ways of lighting up your home. It means being able to control how the lighting around your home functions, from different colours, different levels of brightness, and even being able to turn on and off automatically.

There’s nothing better than having good lighting when you’re going to be throwing your next party. Not only does it set the ambience for an awesome night ahead, but it can also really capture what it feels like to be at a real casino. Fortunately, setting up smart lighting doesn’t have to be difficult with the right preparation and know-how, as we will look at here.

Setting Up The Lighting

The first place you will want to start is by looking for the right equipment to get going. The most practical solutions both in terms of functionality and cost is to set up an LED array over as much space as possible. LEDs can be bought in long strips, and can sometimes be magnetised, meaning that you’ll be able to move them elsewhere depending on how you want the lighting. It’s also just as easy to but fixed LED fittings that can be placed directly on the wall, but this depends on how much you’re willing to spend as well as how much time you have available for preparation.

One way to make a room look really great is by lining its most defining features with LED strips. This means adding the strips alongside the edges where the walls meet the ceilings, or along the railings of a staircase. If the party is being held outdoors, it’s even possible to put the lighting in trees or on furniture, but if you’re going to be doing this outside, it’s important to make sure that the lighting is IP-rated, meaning that it is waterproof or at least resistant to it.

Smart Controller

The next piece of gear to get your hands on is a smart controller. These are usually wireless devices that can connect either directly to your Wi-Fi, or to your smartphone using Bluetooth. They also usually come with a corresponding app of some sort, which gives the user full control of how bright they want it, or even what kind of colours they want to have running for the night.

One popular example is Wemo, which offer a special smart plug that the lighting plugs in to, but also an app that you can download on to your phone, giving you full control of the lighting in the room.

Automatic Music Changing

Another extremely popular kind of lighting is the Philips Hue, which is a smart lighting system that can be connected to a computer, laptop, or phone, and can be customised to fit your needs – including everything from home lighting, ambience for video games, or even for playing An example would be to have the music pulse of change based on the music being played, which is perfect if you’re trying to throw a party at home that offers great music combined with a unique ambience that all your guests can enjoy.

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