Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Website Terms of Use

Big Hill Christian Church, hereafter abbreviated as BHCC, is a nondenominational Christian church located in Richmond, Kentucky USA. BHCC maintains this website for the use of its members and other approved parties, and as a mechanism for providing information to the general public.

It is sad that a church website must have formal rules, but we must have rules in order to hold individuals accountable for inappropriate use of the site, and to take action against spammers and others who might attempt to take advantage of our website for their own personal or commercial benefit.

By using or attempting to register as a user of this web site, and/or by submitting or posting any content to this web site, you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Please read it carefully. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions below, do not attempt to register as a user of this web site and/or submit or post any content to this web site.

The Purpose of this Web Site

This site is a place where BHCC members and other approved users can share information, learn about BHCC activities and events, and coordinate activities with other members. The ability to post information to this site is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is reserved to registered uses of the website who are in compliance with the site rules.

This is a Christian website operated for the BHCC congregation. Any posts should be directly related to BHCC and its activities, and/or to the Christian life, and be of a nature reasonably likely to interest members of our congregation. Other topics are not appropriate for this site. All posts should reflect Christian values and demonstrate respect for other users.

General Principles

The general principles which should guide all postings, interactions, and comments on this web site are:

We are Christians, or those seeking to learn about the Christian faith and way of life. We will utilize this website in a way that reflects the teachings of Christ. We recognize that any and all content that we post to the site will reflect upon us as individuals and upon BHCC. We will keep our posts and uploads clean, on topic, and appropriate for a Christian environment.

We will respect one another, and others. We will not engage in arguments, personal attacks, profanity or indecency, or other behavior unworthy of us as servants of our Lord. We will recognize that written communication does not include the body language, voice tone, and other nuances that help us to differentiate between potential meanings in spoken communication. Thus, we will interpret others' comments and posts charitably and not assume hostility or mean spiritedness where none was intended. Likewise, we will write carefully, lest what we intend as humor, gentle teasing, or as an uncritical statement of fact be taken as rudeness or the assignment of blame. When appropriate, we will use emoticons to indicate the intent of ambiguous statements.


"Advertising" means any communication used to encourage, persuade, drive or induce an audience to take or continue some action concerning a commercial offering. It includes communication intended to change or reinforce consumer behavior or offer assurances to consumers. Advertising often involves repetition of an image or product name in an effort to associate certain qualities with the image or name. Advertising does not always involve the direct sale of a good or service. For example, public service announcements are a form of advertising.

"Commercial" means any activity done with the intent to gain income or make a profit for any specific individual or a for-profit company or business.

"Content" and "material" mean any text, image, document, audio, video, message, calendar entry, or other data in machine readable or human readable format.

"Emoticons," which are sometimes called 'smilies,' are some graphic images or groups of text characters used to convey emotion or attitude in written conversation. For example, the following emoticon indicates a smiling face: :-)

"Malware" means any computer code or exploit designed or intended to grant unauthorized access to, or privileges on, any computer system or online service, or that is designed or intended to cause any computer system to behave in a way that is damaging to the computer system, software, or data stored on that system, or which limits or impedes the use of that computer system by legitimately authorized users.

"Post," when used as a noun, refers to any content uploaded or added to the web site. When used as a verb, "post" means to upload or add content of any type to the web site.


Your use (or attempted use) of this web site or its associated calendar, discussion forum, or other resources must comply with the following rules. Deliberate or reckless failure to comply with these rules, or to attempt to circumvent them, may result in the loss of access to this site, limitations on your access to this site, or even to criminal charges where appropriate.

Rule 1
You may not attempt to alter or interfere with this site or with any other user's access to this site. Hacking this web site, attempting to gain unauthorized access to the site or to any member's personal information or posts, creating false or misleading registrations, interfering with another user's ability to access this site or editing another's posts or work without permission, are all violations of this rule (and of Kentucky and United States law). Actions by an authorized site administrator or forum moderator to ban or restrict a member, or to edit, delete, or move inappropriate or improperly classified posts, are not violations of this rule.

Rule 2
No content or materials containing any of the following, or links to any of the following, may be posted on this web site at any time:
- Profanity, nudity, lewd or "adult" content, or any other language or images likely to be offensive to Christian people
- Copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright or have authorization from the copyright holder to post the material)
- Derogatory remarks toward any person or group of people
Before you post, please ask yourself, "Would Jesus write (or post) this?" If you aren't sure that He would, perhaps you shouldn't.

Rule 3
This is a non-commercial site. In general, the advertising (as defined above) of any paid product or service, or any post made primarily to sell a product or service or to promote (directly or through a web link) any paid product or service, is inappropriate and is a violation of these Terms of Service. Brief announcements of the availability of paid products or services from BHCC members, and discussions related to products and services available at Christian-oriented businesses, Christian schools, etc. are acceptable so long as the primary purpose is not to promote or advertise a specific, for-profit business.

Rule 4
As noted above, this is a church website that serves as an online extension of our physical facilities. Please do not post anything that you would not say at church. If anyone should post any content that is deemed by the moderators to be hostile or intended as an attack on any person or group, or which promotes dissension within our church family, that content may be edited or removed without prior warning.

Rule 5
All posts, including calendar entries, should be reasonably related to the activities of BHCC or otherwise of general interest to members of our congregation. Off topic posts may be edited or deleted. Posts should be placed in the most appropriate area of the forum. (For example, the discussion of youth activities should take place in the Youth section of the forum.) Posts that a moderator determines to be inappropriately placed may be moved to the correct forum section.

Rule 6
Please respect the privacy of other website users and other members of our church family. Content (including photos, videos,etc.) which invades someone's privacy is prohibited and subject to removal. If another user posts content that you feel invades your privacy, please ask them politely to remove or edit it. If they decline to do so, please contact a website moderator.

Rule 7
Website uses should regard the user list of this web site as confidential. The fact that someone is willing to share their contact information with members of our church family does not mean that they are willing to share it with third parties, or the general public. Do not provide contact information obtained from this website to anyone, other than BHCC leaders, without the permission of the person whose contact information you would like to share. Please note that you may always share the work-related contact information (but not personal cell numbers, etc.) for our staff.

Rule 8
This web site includes Personal Message (PM) function. The PM function exists for the purpose of allowing members to transmit personal messages to other members without posting the contents in the open forum. The PM function is more private than posting such information on the open forum, but we cannot guarantee that it is totally private, so please use caution when sharing private information. All PM messages must comply with the same rules as forum postings with regard to acceptable uses and content.

Rule 9
Please do not post anything to this web site that you - or your family and friends - would not wish to see on the front page of a major newspaper tomorrow. The forum and "members only" sections of this web site are not readily accessible by the public, but that does not guarantee that content posted to such areas is secure or private.

Rule 10
Do not repost, download, copy, or share any content posted to the forum or other "members only" sections of this web site without the permission of the person who posted the content. If permission is clearly indicated in the original post (for example, through the use of a post title such as "A handy study guide you can download" or by adding any content to a "Resources for Download" area), you do not have to seek specific additional permission from the poster. If you upload a file to the forum or your profile gallery, you automatically make it available for download by others.

Rule 11
The use of this website to seek or solicit funds, donations or organizational memberships not related to BHCC and its ministries is inappropriate unless approved in advance by the church board.

Rule 13
The deliberate or reckless posting of malware, or any material including malware, or any link to a web site which will attempt to install malware on any computer, is absolutely prohibited.

Moderation of this Site

To keep this website and our user forum on topic and free from inappropriate content, we rely on a report driven moderation policy.

Moderators are authorized to oversee the forum but they cannot review ever post on a 'real time' basis. The forum software includes a feature that allows members to report inappropriate posts. This flags such posts for attention by the forum moderators. If you have concerns about content in other parts of the site, such as an individual's profile gallery, you can e-mail the web site administrators. We rely on website members to be people of good well who will behave with kindness, courtesy and good taste. In the event that an unauthorized person gains access to the website, or a member posts inappropriate content, we depend upon other members to submit a report of any post, content, personal message (PM), or site-related e-mail that they feel needs to be brought to the attention of the moderators and web site administrators.

It is possible for individuals to legitimately disagree as to whether particular content is appropriate or is in violation of the website rules. In cases where a moderator or site administrator finds that reported content is questionable but not blatantly in violation of the rules, the moderator or administrator will evaluate the total circumstances surrounding the post. Issues that will be considered will include the apparent intent of the posting member (to the extent that it can be determined from the post), the nature of the questionable content, and the number and nature of reports or comments received from other members. If this is not sufficient to clearly determine whether or not the content is acceptable, the moderator or administrator will make reasonable attempts to contact the posting member to discuss the content in question. Once a moderator has made a determination, only the senior web site administrator may review that decision. If the senior web site administrator is unsure, the matter may be referred to the chairman of the church board for a final decision.