Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Pregnancy Help Center

Every day women in Madison County and the Bluegrass region find themselves faced with an unplanned, and often unwanted, pregnancy. Many of these women lack the support system that they need in order to make calm, informed choices regarding their pregnancy. They are faced with a life-altering situation and nowhere to turn.

The Madison Pregnancy Help Center is there to help. Staffed by women who are committed to listening and helping, without pressure or manipulation, the Center provides resources to women who need assistance with pregnancy-related issues. The Center provides women with:

Free Pregnancy Testing - private, confidential testing in a comfortable and supportive place

Accurate Information - detailed options, current statistics, local resources and experience

Mother and Baby Necessities - maternity clothing, baby items, and even some furniture

Referrals - for local medical care, adoption agencies, housing needs, financial help and more

Post-Abortion - help with recovery from what could be a traumatic event in either a group or private setting

The Center also provides information about abstinence and the risks associated with sexual activity. For more information about the Center, please click on the link below.

Madison Pregnancy Help Center