Big Hill Christian Church

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Big Hill Bible Studies
07 March 2018
Matthew 13
Jesus continued in His teaching of the sower with the seed that fell on rocky places with sparse soil.  Turn to Matthew 13:5-6 and 13:20-21.  I believe this describes many people in today's world.
The seed falling on rocky places sprang up quickly - Matthew says immediately - because there was very little room for a root system to take hold.  Jesus told the crowd that the little growth that had taken place was soon burned up by the hot sun.  A lack of water and roots - foundational to growth was not there and so death was imminent.  He explained the application in verses 20-21.  These are people who hear the word and immediately receive it with joy, but because there is no foundation, or deeply rooted growth taking place, the joy is only temporary and when hard times come they fold.
Sadly, I believe we see this often in someone who is searching for answers.  They hear the good news of Jesus Christ and see some the joy in those who believe.  They want that for themselves and so they jump in with a great deal of enthusiasm.  This is when Satan begins to attack.  I tell everyone who accepts the Lord that as they grow in Christ to be sure to find someone who will continue to encourage them and hold them accountable, because it is very often that when a new believer is tested, they don't have a strong foundation to stand on.  Their "shallow roots" and the "hot sun" will soon end their joy and they will begin to doubt.  While strong believers realize we face trials and tribulations and we are able to rejoice in knowing the Lord is there, many new believers don't have that maturity in their lives. 
I believe even those who are strong in the Lord can learn from this portion of the parable in that they need to be on the alert for those who are new and infants in their walk.  Come along side those who need encouragement, prayer, and even accountability.  Those who are "brand new" to their walk with the Lord, find someone to help in your growth.  We are told to be encouraging and loving - sharing the good news of Christ. 
Stand Firm,