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27 July 2018 Entry
Ephesians 3:8-12
I need to apologize for missing yesterday's entry.  I had knee surgery yesterday (25th) and thought I would be able to write the article in the evening.  Obviously I couldn't.  
So, did you read Ephesians 3:8-12?  What did you see in this passage that has to do with the is three questions we closed with in the last entry?  According to Paul, what is the church?  How important do you think the church is to him?  Now look to verse 9.  What do you think Paul is calling "the mystery"?
The church is God's ultimate purpose for the universe.  It is the "administration of the ministry which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things."
The church is to reveal this mystery.  We are the church - The flawed humanity and all that we are.  Is it difficult for us to believe our church is part of the revelation of God's eternal mystery?
There is nothing else like the church in all of God's creation.  We have a glimpse of God's wisdom and love.  We are commissioned to go into all the world with this message of His love and gospel.  What emotion does this bring to you?  Do we see the community around us in need of the Lord?  Do we recognize the call given to us?   In light of the beginning verses we have seen over these two entries, how do we compare what the church is today in light of God's intended design for us?  I'd like for you to spend some time today considering the three one word descriptors of the church you came up with yesterday in light of the Ephesians passage you read today.  How on track are we? 
This is why I'd like for us to take a good look at the church in Antioch for a few days, and use this study to evaluate our church - recognizing the church is not "them" but rather is "us."  If you have a good study Bible, go to the concordance and look up all the references to Antioch.  Consider the leadership they had, the folks that made up the congregation or family, and the commission given to them.  If the church is made up of "us", would we want our church to be up of disciples just like us?  Let's pray for the church and our community and commission.
Stand Firm