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Big Hill Bible Studies
24 July 2018
Proverbs 31
Here we see the words of King Lemuel and the oracle his mother taught him.  Starting with the first 9 verses, let's look into what he has used as the foundation for his authority.  What attributes do you see as being taught to a prince to prepare him to reign as king?  Did you observe anything that would not also be considered as wisdom for anyone?  What do we see of scripture and Jesus' teachings today that would benefit us in living for Him?  Comfort the suffering, chastise those who attempt to live off of the less fortunate or the afflicted.  The chapter, as well as the book, closes with instruction for the king to find a good wife in a bad world - "an excellent wife, who can find?"  Where are the good women?
As you go through the description, try to picture "an excellent wife" you have known throughout your life.  What would the family be like that had a mom like the one described here?  Note how busy she is throughout the verses, "She does", "she looks", "she brings", "she rises" "she considers", and on and on.  She is very busy, but notice what it is she is doing.  She is not busy to be busy, or to be recognized and praised.  In fact, I would say that recognition and praise are way down the list of her personal priorities.  She does all she does for her family.  Her focus is to do, to look, to bring, to rise, and to consider for those who she loves.  She has a natural passion and pursuit to provide for a bless her family.  Her husband is respected and she supports him - she is his greatest fan.  Her children love her and listen to her instruction, spoken and exemplified.  She goes beyond managing and pro-actively prepares for her future and the futures of he children, grandchildren.  She works inside and outside the home, she saves money, she sews clothes, she serves the less fortunate, she takes good care of herself, she is beautiful inside and out.  She speaks with wisdom and love.  Her husband and children love and respect her.  She is appreciated not just for what she does, but more importantly for who she is.
My mother passed away a few years ago, and I was privileged to officiate her graveside service.  I used this passage in her service.  She didn't want crowds, she didn't want flowers, she didn't want recognition.  She had her flaws, but she loved and served her family.  I can easily and quickly remember things she did for others, but I have a hard time remembering things she did for herself.  She was active in the church and the PTA, she was one of the "Kool-Aid" moms who fed all us boys in the neighborhood peanut butter sandwiches and Kool-Aid in the summer, then Hot Chocolate and cookies in the winter as we played in our back yard all day.
That was a couple generations ago.  But I have also been blessed to marry a Proverbs 31 woman.  She thinks of others before herself.  She gives without keeping score.  She sacrifices with a smile on her face and love in her heart.  She does what she does because she is motivated by the Lord's love for her and she shares that with all her family, in our house and in our church.  I am grateful to God for putting her in my life.  
Young men, look for women like these.  Young ladies, model yourselves after them.  Older men, praise them and hold them up.  Ladies who follow the Lord, We love you, and although we may not say it enough, we praise your beauty.    
Stand Firm,