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17 July 2018 Entry
Proverbs 26
I'd like to look again to a couple verses that stand out to me in today's reading.  Let's begin by looking to verse 12.  "Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?  there is more hope for a fool than for him."  Why do you think this statement is true?  Consider the standard set by this man.  How is he able to learn to broaden his thinking?  Is it possible for him to hold a meaningful exchange of ideas when he will not consider any opinion other than his own?  I'm sure we have all had those frustrating conversations with someone who is always right, or corrects your sentences, or goes as far as "setting you straight" without hearing you.  I believe the lesson here is to be careful to not be that guy!  
Next, let's go to verse 20 - "For lack of wood the fire goes out. . ."  The bottom line here is not to add fuel to a fire.  Look back at the times we wish we had held our tongues, but we were more focused on making our opinions known.  I can remember sitting by campfires or along side a fire pit and moving the logs around to try to keep the fire going or maybe even increasing the fire.  The focus here is to look to "be at peace with all men" as directed in Romans 12:18.
So in this proverb we see it is beneficial in practical living to attempt to be at peace with others and not try to impress them with our knowledge and wisdom that is based on ourselves.  Perhaps it would be best to think of others more than ourselves and encourage rather than frustrate.  Just something to think about today.    
Stand Firm,