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28 June 2018 Entry
Proverbs 13
By now you have probably seen several verses that appear to be repeats of previous readings.  Actually there are several verses that have been repeated.  When you run across a verse that you believe has been stated before, write down the chapter and verse of today's reading, and then go back and find the verse (or at least a verse with the same thought) and write down that chapter and verse.  We are nearing the half way mark in our daily readings and I am sure you will find some verses that are remarkably similar.  The thing is, they are used in a different context!  What does this say about wisdom from God? 
For example, look to verse 3 in today's reading of chapter 10.  "The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; the one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin."  How many different ways can this verse be applied to our lives?  Would this apply when you are with a group of gossips?  Will this prove wise when you are suddenly cut off in traffic and "those words" come into your head?  What about when you are scolding your kids for an honest mistake they have made that has caused you some inconvenience?  Think of the person being gossiped about, the older driver who didn't see you, and the hurt brought upon the little one who is already crying? 
This is the same instruction, but the application applies in many different scenarios.  So before you try to skim through some "familiar passages" consider the context and watch the wisdom come to you.  Here's a final thought on this issue.  How many times do you think you need to hear something before it begins to practically applied to your daily life?  I bet it is more than twice!  Maybe that has something to do with the repeated lines too.    
Stand Firm,