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Big Hill Bible Studies
27 June 2018 Entry
Proverbs 12
Here is something to consider as you read the 12th chapter of Proverbs.  Let's take a look at our culture today and compare the secular world with the church.  What are secular parents teaching their kids and what are   Christian parents teaching theirs? 
As you read through these verses, stop at each break and try to think of examples you have seen as you go through your day. 
For example, in verse 1 - how disciplined do people appear to be today and how are their children behaving?  Look for the respect and control they exhibit toward each other and the people around them.  Here is another thought also - How do we compare in view of scripture, and based on the direction disciplinary instruction has taken from the previous generation to our generation today, what do you think is in store for the next generation? 
If you see problems, ask yourself, "What am I doing about this?"  When we look at those who seem to complain the most about the downfall of wisdom and character, do we see them at work to raise the standard?  Are we a help or a hurt to the issue?  We seem to be a generation of people desiring to be spectators when Christianity requires we participate in life.  Our virtual reality society allows us to post, tweet, and text instead of love, serve, and give. 
So as you go through these instructions today, search yourself and take inventory.  What do you read that convicts or challenges you?  Where do you see wisdom to apply to your life that can also be passed on to others in your life?  What do you do and what do you not do? 
Let's get off the bench and get into the game.  Let me hear from you and what you find in today's reading.  
Stand Firm,