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Big Hill Bible Studies
25 June 2018
Proverbs 10
Friday I asked that you read the first five verses of chapter 10 and attack this passage from two perspectives.  Today I ask that you finish the chapter and look for the overall meaning to apply to practical wise living.
These comparative couplets or triplets of wisdom in Proverbs generally  have an overarching theme.  The tendency for many readers is to see them as individual thoughts and in reading them one after another quickly, they become overwhelmed by all the short and direct instruction.  This is why I often recommend that as you read through wisdom literature (especially Solomon's writings), you take notes.  Perhaps just jot down a thought or a word that triggers later thought.  I also believe it is wise to read the Proverb chapter twice (or more) with the thought or word previously written setting your search through the scripture.
So, read the remaining verses of scripture the first time.  What thoughts or words have you recorded?  As an example, I wrote the following;
Verses 6-11 >  Blessings and righteousness / wicked foolishness and perversion
Verses 12-18 >  Applying wisdom to discipline /  results of ignoring wisdom
Verses 19-21 >  Wise conversation / controlling impulsive speech
Verses 22-29 >  The blessings of fearing the Lord / consequences of folly
Verses 30-32 >  A summary of the chapter - stand firm in the Lord
Now, review your notes and thoughts and see if you find an overall theme or direction in your reading.  These verse seem to me to say we should find the consistency in godly wisdom and realize the blessings in disciplined obedience.  We are also able to recognize the folly and perversion of the world and the resulting distance from God when we fall away. 
Perhaps you found these writings in a completely different vein - that is fine.  If we pray before we read, the Lord speaks to us with what we need and what He has in store for us individually.   I imagine we all found some diamonds in this search.  As you read this passage the second time, consider the main points you have made and see what results.  Take your time and ponder on the points that stand out.  Perhaps even stop and pray.  Thank God for the wisdom revealed.  Ask for more understanding.  Discuss what you have read with someone else (I'd love to see some of your thoughts and observations).  Walk away thankful for the time you spent together with Him. 
Stand Firm,