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21 June 2018 Entry
Proverbs 9
Here we see a contrast in wisdom.  The chapter opens with wisdom "setting a table" and inviting the naïve to come and eat their fill.  Quit the diet they have had and begin to enjoy a diet of true wisdom.
Verse 7 begins in an application of wisdom.  Consider how wisdom is applied in the following situations;
What happens when you correct a scoffer?  You dishonor yourself, and the scoffer will hate you.   
What happens when you correct a wicked man?  You get insults thrown back at you.
Now notice the difference below.
What happens when you reprove a wise man?  He will love you and become wiser still when you share instruction.
What happens when you teach a righteous man?  He will increase in his learning.
The bottom line is found in verse 10 - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.  Why?  Because a person who follows the LORD has their life in order and recognizes it as a gift from the LORD.  It brings long life and understanding because you know where to walk and what to stay away from.
On the other hand (seen in verses 13-18) folly sets her table and invites the naïve to come eat their fill.  Those who are tempted and have no sense of understanding or any inkling of wisdom fall prey to what seems good to them.  Before they realize it, they are lost and headed to death.
The beauty in this passage is that both are available, but only one is beneficial.  Solomon here is offering plain and valuable instruction.  But the student has the free will choice to make their own decision.  We have the blessing of this instruction ourselves.  We also have the free will choice.  What will you choose?
Stand Firm,