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19 June 2018 Entry
Proverbs 8:1-21
Solomon continues to stress the importance of wisdom to the reader.  As we go through these verses, let's consider how many different aspects of wisdom he reveals.
In the first five verses he states that wisdom calls out.  It is available and desires to be a our possession.  Wisdom is all around and available to us, pleading to the naïve and foolish to understand prudence and the reward of wisdom.
In verses 6-11 we learn to listen when wisdom speaks.  Nobly, truthfully, straightforward and with great value.  Solomon even states that wisdom is more valuable than silver, choicest gold and jewels.  How valuable do you consider the wisdom you possess.
In verses 12 through 21 we learn even more about this great gift.  He describes characteristics we may have never considered.  Wisdom is intimate with prudence, knowledge and discretion.  "The fear of the LORD is to hate evil" and this evil involves pride, arrogance, and the perverted mouth.  Wisdom possesses counsel, understanding, and power.  It is exhibited by kings in their reign, and judges (rulers) as they decree justice.  Princes and other nobles judge rightly and are loved and blessed by wisdom.  We are advised that if we seek wisdom we will find it and receive better returns than the earlier silver, gold, and jewels.
Consider the life of the wise person.  They walk in righteousness.  They live in security and confidence.  They do what is right naturally and instinctively, with no moral battle going on within them.  That provides a sense of moral balance and an outlook that is available in any and all situations.
Do you sense the importance Solomon has been stressing so far in this book?  We will soon see it's application to practical living throughout the balance of Proverbs.  I hope you are preparing to take some good notes.
Stand Firm,