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18 June Entry
Proverbs 7
This is a sad, yet all to real picture of a young man being seduced by an adulteress (v5).  Notice how the seduction progresses and how it concludes.  If you were to do a study on this chapter you could see how the warning against such an occurrence (V1-5) from ever taking place is well given.  The description of all that happens to the young man in the scenario is understood early on in verses (see verses 6-9).  We see that he was naïve and "lacked sense."  He did not know any better, and he walked right into her trap under the cover of darkness.  Three good lessons to learn are found in these verses.  Be who you are supposed to be.  Be where you are suppose to be.  And do not go where or when you are not supposed to go. 
Note the conduct of the temptress - she is bold and brazen, with no hint of a conscience or regard for the consequences.  She scans the streets and spots her prey.  She has calculated the time she has to perform her sinful acts.  She spots her target and takes him (see verses 10-21).  Once he has fallen prey to her trap, he is finished.  Note in particular how this scenario ends in verses 22 and 23.  He willingly goes to his doom.  How tragic and preventable.
Solomon concludes this chapter by revealing the punishment for disobedience.  He mentions the number of others who have been taken in by her, yet this does not excuse or justify the lack of wisdom on the part of the young man.
Whether you take this as a sexual seduction or see the sensual side of Satan's attempt to tempt us away from our faithfulness to the Lord, this is a strong writing and full of vivid pictures to help us see the truth in wrongdoing.  It may seem enticing and enjoyable to those who lack the sense and resolve to stand firm in any given situation.  Please strengthen your commitment and relationship to the Lord and His teachings. 
Stand Firm,