Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

BHCC Bible Studies
15 June 2018
Proverbs 6:20-35
Instruction to the son includes a directive to observe the father's commandments and hold tight to his mothers teaching.  He is to hold on to them in such a way that they are constantly with him.  He is to have them with him at all times and be ready to call them to mind.   He is to stay away from seductive women and realize the negative effect they could have on him.  He could lose his health, his standing within the community, his reputation in the community.  There is additional warning that giving in to temptation would "burn" him as fire would burn his clothes or his feet.  There is a comparison to sinning as a result of a need to survive (see verses 30-31), but still there are consequences for wrong doing.  There is also the vengeance of the wronged party.
While it may seem there is no direct lesson here to apply to our lives, I ask you to consider the warning that is given.  We should constantly be looking for the temptations Satan will throw our way.  Just as we may think the unfaithful husband or the immoral seductress is a threat to our relationship to the Lord, we must also be reminded of the repercussions to our lack of judgement and willful disobedience.  I pray we remain faithful and continue to encourage and strengthen each other in order to come to a maturity in our relationships with each other and the Lord.  Consider our similarities to the son in this writing.  We need to remember the teachings that have brought us to this point in our life, yet we are stilled targeted by Satan as he prowls about to take us down.  We are easy prey when we stray from the Father's teaching.  Let's take this passage to heart and realize we could be taken down if we aren't prepared and walking in the Lord.
Stand Firm,