Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Big Hill Bible Studies
19 March 2018
Matthew 5-7
After choosing His disciples, Jesus began going through Galilee teaching.  In our reading today (Matthew 5-7) Jesus gives what many consider the most powerful sermon ever preached.  This is most commonly known as the "Sermon on the Mount."  He begins with the Beatitudes and tells us we are blessed, divinely favored when we live a Christ-like lifestyle of service and selflessness.  As you read through these characteristics that bring blessing consider how you are blessed in practicing these attributes, or how your life would be different by applying them.
Jesus follows the beatitudes with what many call the similitudes - verses 13-20.  He calls His followers the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  How do you see yourself in comparison to these descriptions of His followers?  As He continues with His claims to have come to fulfill the law rather than abolish it, do you understand what He is saying and how He does this?  Continue reading through chapter 5 and study His statements.  How do these statements impact your thinking about the obedience to the legalism of the Law and obedience to the Lord?  Continuing through chapters 6 and 7, take in the teachings and think about the condition of your life and the culture of today's world. 
After you have read this passage and considered the application of Christ's instruction to us, consider the people who were in that hillside congregation.  Imagine what it must have been like to be among people hearing the teachings of Christ for the first time.  Jesus was teaching to give to the poor, feed the hungry, fast and pray, believe the Lord will meet your needs, don't judge others, live a disciplined life of obedience, and "bear fruit" in keeping with your obedient life style.     
Stand Firm,