Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Big Hill Bible Studies
16 March 2018
Matthew 4
Take a couple minutes and read Matthew 4:18-25.  This is the account of Jesus choosing His first disciples and the response to the beginning of His ministry.  Take a pencil or pen and jot down some of the things that stand out to you.  Here are a couple thoughts.
-  What did Peter and Andrew see in Jesus that would impact them and enable them to leave their nets and follow Him?  Note here how they left - Immediately!!
Jesus said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."  and they actually did without any hesitation.  He has said the same to us and we have the advantage of knowing what He did with the disciples.  Why, years later, are we still having a hard time committing?
-  Next He comes to James and John, the "Sons of Thunder."  This passage says, He called them, and they immediately "left the boat and their father, and followed Him."  They left their dad in the boat for Jesus.  Consider, in light of this account, what have you left behind for Him? 
-  As Jesus went throughout all Galilee proclaiming the gospel, we are told people came to Him to receive physical healing.  The passage said He became known throughout all Syria and the physical healing continued with a long list of diseases and conditions of those who came to Him.  If Jesus was taking the gospel throughout the area, why is it noted that those who came to Him were coming to be physically healed?  Note also that it said He did in fact heal them.  Do you think the large crowds came only to be physically healed?  Consider this, did you first come to Christ because of what you thought He could do for you, rather than Who He is? 
Jesus came to seek and the save the lost.  How would you approach the world with the gospel?  Consider how His life on earth begins to unfold in His ministry.  He brings healing and a counter-cultural message.  If you were in the crowds, hearing Him for the first time what do you think would impress you most about Him?  Would it be His charisma and presence?  Or would it be the results you see as He begins to heal those who came.  His message of the gospel appealed to their souls in a similar fashion that the healing brought restoration to their bodies.  He was able to heal their body and their soul.  He emphasizes the gospel - and uses the physical healing to bring glory and worship to the Father.
What is He offering you?   What are you looking for Him to do in your life? 
Stand Firm,