Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Big Hill Bible Studies
6 March 2018
Matthew 13
Today, read Matthew 13:4 and then 13:18--19.  Jesus explains the seed that has been sown is the Word and how it is received.  The seed that had fallen beside the road and was eaten by birds is compared to someone who has heard the Word and does not understand it.  Jesus continues by saying Satan (the evil one) takes away any beginning of grasping the Word and prevents the person from understanding the Word.  This description would seem to fit the atheist or the agnostic who has no real desire to know the Word or has any desire to follow the instruction it provides for their lives.  Satan has taken away any interest that could have been developed had the person possessed any desire.
If you have ever encountered anyone fitting this description you will usually see a defensive attitude when they are approached about their relationship with the Lord.  The thing I have never been able to understand is how someone can be so upset and defiant about something they claim does not exist.  I read a book written by Matt Chandler (I can't remember the title) where he states their belief is, "there is no God and I hate Him."  How can that be?   How can you have such strong feelings about something or someone that does not exist to you?  Satan has filled their heart with darkness before an opportunity for light had come.  This is where we as believers can step in and share the love of Christ with them.  They may not - probably won't - be receptive at first and this is where we are to be strong in our stance.  We are to do all things in love and it can be hard to love someone who calls our faith in Christ a sign of weakness and an escape from the "real world."  Truth is they are living outside of reality and will realize the reality of their mistake by bowing their knee to the Lord at His return.
There are those who had begun with a set stance against the Word and lived to prove it was myth or a waste of time, but they later became some of the strongest forces for the Lord.  The apostle Paul comes to mind.  Also people such as C.S. Lewis and Lee Strobel.  The Lord can convict and change the hard heart.  We are to be ready to defend the cause of Christ. 
Stand Firm,