Big Hill Christian Church

1150 Goggins Lane, Richmond, KY

Big Hill Bible Studies
27 February 2018
"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."   -   Philippians 3:14  (NASB)
This passage is special to me because I consulted it often during a time of transition.  After 30 years of pursuing the wrong goals, I thankfully committed my life to the Lord.  I left Kentucky Christian College in the mid 70's believing I could serve God and pursue a business career.  Now, I am not saying that isn't possible to do, but it wasn't for me.  God gives us all different talents and abilities, but He does call us to the same thing - a life of service to Him.  I spent too many years not giving Him my all.  I was sidetracked by the world.  I had convinced my self I could live worldly and still be in a relationship with Him.  And I did.  That was not the relationship He had called me to.  I was not using the talents given to me for the purpose He had intended.  I came to the realization of where I was, begged His forgiveness, and committed myself to give Him the time I have left to "press on toward the goal."  I did not know how God was going to use me or what was going to be my path, but I was sure He would lead and provide.  I never looked back.  I questioned, prayed, sought wise counsel, and dove in.  There is no way I could have scripted a better path.  When I would wonder what was going on, I would pull this verse up and find strength.  I hope it may do the same for you when you wonder what He is doing in your life.  Consider where you are.  Is it in His will?  Are you pressing on, or are you being sidetracked.  Consider the call He has placed on your life and realize Jesus will provide all you need to reach it.  Be faithful, be obedient, and don't ever look back.     
Stand Firm,